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Erno drinking beer with his friends. Picture is part of a video, available here.

Erno is a gay, alcoholic cock. However, don't let the appearance fool you. Scroll down to read more.

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Despite of Erno's alcoholism he is quite capable and active.

When he is conscious (some things also when he is unconscious) you can do plentiful things with him:

  • Watch movies and play videogames
  • Travel (you may have to carry him)
  • Go Ice fishing
  • Do pranks
  • Visit bars & nightclubs
  • Sing karaoke
  • Binge drink
  • Have sex


It's not uncommon to end up dancing artistically with him and his friends. Erno's ability to attract all kinds of creative people is one of his most important characteristics.

Erno is also famous for his almost eternal, ERNOMOUS erection and overwhelming masculinity. Many straight men have embraced their homosexual tendencies for the first time when engaged in sexual activies with him. Even though Erno is interested in women only in a platonic sense, it's common that his cocky personality makes the chicks wet as well, making them fantasize of interspecies sex. Never the less, humping with Erno won't prevent you to use him as a lure humans to get laid with. Erno works as an excellent trophy reflecting your high social status among artistic reference groups. He is seen as highly regarded symbol of wealth and success particularly by hippies, goths, metal heads, Jehovah Witnesses (they won't admit it) and avant-garde musicians, painters, and peformance artists. Hell, basically by EVERYONE.

There are several videos about Erno, highlighting his characteristics, abilities and qualities.
Here below is an embedded playlist containing most of them. The famous (or infamous) Erno Gets Lost: Booze Cruise! -episode is available here. The sequel, Tallinn Binge Whinge is available here at IMDb.

P.S. All PETA whiners out there: Erno doesn't concider himself as a victim and he gives a donkey's shit, arse and penis of your moral preaching. GO FUCK YOURSELF!

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